SLC is an application for the control of the output volume for sound cards that are compatible with WINDOWS (sound control can be done from the Volume Control application).


The Master Volume can be varied based on the settings from the user-determined time intervals. The SLC application allows the setting of the starting and ending hour for the automatic control of the Master Volume, of the minimum and maximum accepted sound level and of 14 time intervals with different volume settings, depending on the days of the week.

When launching the application with the [mic] (microphone) parameter, the application changes its operation mode, making a permanent change (in real time) to the output volume depending on the level of the input signal captured from the LineIN (or Microphone input) of the sound card. This function aims to compensate the sound level from the computer output (depending on the external noise). Increasing and decreasing the sound is done between two limits clearly defined in the settings file.


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