Commercials Manager has been specifically created for the management of advertising campaigns on television or radio stations. It is a software package which is very useful when placing commercials in slots, calculating the costs of the campaign, for monthly (or longer) sales reports, for price estimates etc.


The software was created modularly, with six basic sections and functions consistent with the agreed specifics. The Commercials Manager modules are:

1. Reports – performs a large number of reports, starting from the classic advertising grid for a specific day, through the media broadcast plan for the client, up to the estimation of the broadcasting costs of advertisements depending on the loading of the commercial slots.

2. Campaigns – allows the definition of advertising campaigns and the placing of commercials in advertising slots.

3. Auto Promo – allows the setting of hours for commercials, jingles, news etc.

4. Partners – stores the data of the contact persons from the field of sales, as well as of the companies which they represent.

5. Offer – here an image is created of the station’s general advertising grid, with broadcasting times, differentiated costs depending on the time intervals, discount schemes by spot length, volume discounts etc.

6. Settings – it is a special module dedicated for the configuration of the application, in which the following are configured: the advertisement classes, the taxes to be taken into account when calculating the costs of the campaign, jingles for the configuration of slots, the application password etc.



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